London i-Club

London i-Club

London i-Club is a group of industrial genius with experience on IoT, Blockchain, semiconductor, IT and etc.

We host online/offline events with invited speaker, providing a platform to share your expertise and opinions.

Events on 04/21/2020 (Online)


1. Li-ion battery fuel gauge for portable electronics.
    by Yu Ming from TI

2. Industrial design: from Nokia phone to booster child seat.

    by Richard Choi from Trafold

Events on 04/07/2020


1. Memorial for Grace Wang

2. WFH tools and experience to share.

3. Conronavirus impact on Economy.

Events on 01/06/2020


1. Introduction to the kickstar star: eFoldi.

    by Sumi Wang form eFoldi

2020 onwards events info has been trasferred to Wechat platform. Please check the contact info to access.